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Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable procurement has lately emerged as a sine-qua-non condition for public procurers aiming to implement innovation procurement. The recently passed new procurement legislative package place a huge emphasis on the importance of sustainable procurement strategies, and sheds light on how these could be addressed and implemented in a European single market that aims at being competitive, fair, transparent and non-discriminatory. Whereas in the past the focus was mainly on green procurement, the current legal framework expands such focus also towards the other two main components of sustainability, namely on the social and economic dimensions. Consequently, in addition to considering the environmental impacts of products, services or works, the social, and economic impacts thereof should be now given due consideration when making a purchasing decision.

Sustainable procurement means ensuring that the products, services or works that an organization purchases achieve expected levels of value for money, whereas the negative impacts on the environment and society are limited. Sustainable procurement is also used by purchasing bodies as a mean to reflect goals linked to efficient use of resources, social responsibility and economic resilience. At a macro level, sustainable public procurement qualifies as an instrument to create markets for appropriate technologies and innovative solutions.

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Corvers professionals regularly assist clients with the implementation of sustainable procurement projects, throughout the entire project cycle, from the structuring of the procurement strategy and methodology, throughout the design of the tender specifications and the drafting of the procurement contract and also during project execution and implementation. We are often part of the strategic boards, tender boards, as well as of the project monitoring boards. Based on our extensive expertise gained during the conduct of project for the policy makers in Brussels, we also assist clients with the drafting and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable procurement policies, tailored to their specific needs and fully in line with applicable legal frameworks and related European policy documents.