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Best Value Procurement (BVP)

Best Value Procurement (BVP) is an alternative to the traditional price-based and non-collaborative procurement methods. It makes use of demonstrable past performance indicators in order to identify a highly qualified contractor, who is best suited to effectively tackle potential risks threatening the qualitative and timely completion of public projects.

BVP was developed as a methodology to safeguard execution of public contracts at the initially agreed levels of quality and price, while minimizing the need for the contracting public authority to manage the project and direct and control the private sector contractor. It is based on a collaborative approach between the public contracting authority and the private contractor, meant to maximize overall value for public money. BVP mainly follows on the principle that the private contractor is the expert and is thus best positioned to identify the accurate scope, cost and duration of a project based on the outcome envisaged by the public authority rather than based on detailed technical specifications included in the request for proposals. Consequently, utilizing expertise by the expert private contractor should overcome the exercise of management, direction and control by the purchasing public authority, whereas the procuring public authority’s involvement should be limited to quality assurance.

Corvers assists clients with the implementation of a BVP approach within their procurement strategies, from the initial project planning stage, throughout the conduct of the tender process until the award of the procurement contract and also during the contract execution and implementation. We are qualified BVP experts, holding the B-, B and B+ certifications.