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Corvers presents WEBINAR on

Innovation procurement

- the CEO’s perspective -

A free 1-hour webinar together with Air Traffic Control the Netherlands and IPlytics.


Understanding innovation procurement from the perspective of the CEO of Air Traffic Control of the Netherlands, IPlytics GmbH. and Corvers Commercial & Legal Affairs.

Based on Air Traffic Control the Netherlands’ lessons learned from its recent PPI-case (public procurement of innovative solutions) on voice recognition, Stephan Corvers (CEO Corvers Commercial & Legal Affairs) is interviewing Michiel van Dorst (CEO Air Traffic Control the Netherlands) and Tim Pohlmann (CEO IPlytics GmbH.).

The strategic and operational benefits for Air Traffic Control the Netherlands of using the European EAFIP-methodology in conjunction with the Iplytics software platform will be highlighted.

Innovation procurement enhances Air Traffic Control the Netherlands’ relationship with the suppliers and supports a pioneering and out-of-the-box mentality for its employees. By implementing the EAFIP-methodology and the use of the IPlytics software platform, Air Traffic Control the Netherlands was able to steer and speed up its needs analysis.


  1. House rules & Introductions
  2. Overview & EAFIP-methodology
  3. Success story Air Traffic Control the Netherlands
  4. Interview with CEOs
  5. Q&A with attendees
  6. Closure


Download the Q&A here



Michiel van Dorst, CEO Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (

Air Traffic Control the Netherlands is responsible for the management of the civil airspace and everything that this involves. For example modernisation and management of technological systems, providing aeronautical information, air traffic control training and providing aeronautical maps and publications. For over 90 years, Air Traffic Control the Netherlands has been ensuring safe air traffic flows, in a professional and competent manner.


Tim Pohlmann, CEO IPlytics GmbH. (

IPlytics is recognized as the market leading IP solution to bring together comprehensive, highly indexed technical standard information, global patents, standard essential patents and technical standard contribution data to provide industry leading analysis on the past, present and future of standard essential technology. Unlike other tools that are overly complex, IPlytics provides fast, intuitive access to patents and standards to empower the user to strategically align patent portfolios to protect innovations and proactively engage in continuous strategic portfolio development as it relates to SEP assets, for initiatives such as licensing, acquisitions and joining patent pools, or simply to understand the respective positions of the competition.


Stephan Corvers, CEO Corvers Commercial & Legal Affairs (

Corvers Commercial & Legal Affairs is a leading legal and economic consultancy firm in the Benelux area, specialized in European public procurement law, innovation and contracting. Corvers is contractor for the Eafip-initiative ( of the European Commission (DGConnect).