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Corvers and Vtrek present Webinar on

Covid-19 & innovation procurement:
Applying the EAFIP business case methodology

The COVID-19 crisis presents unprecedented challenges to the public sector at all levels, and our response to it will shape the way the world looks going forward. Innovation procurement (as either Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions, PPI, or Pre-Commercial Procurement, PCP) has a critical role to play in shaping this future: the mechanism can be used to leverage the demand-side and pull innovative products and services to the market. For this to be successful, a sound business case should be used to help guide and justify decisions in the procurement planning phase. In the face of COVID-19, the business case methodology can be accelerated in order for even (extremely) urgent needs to be met with innovative solutions.

This one-and-a-half-hour interactive webinar presents the methodology for conducting an accelerated business case for innovation procurement to meet these needs. The methodology is based on that developed for the EAFIP (European Assistance for Innovation Procurement) initiative. It is designed for project managers and contracting authorities who want to procure innovation over the short term while reducing the costs and risks of doing so. First, the critical steps of building a business case for an innovation procurement are introduced: the user needs assessment, state-of-the-art analysis, market consultation, and value estimations. Next, method(s) for achieving each step are presented and applied to a hypothetical COVID-19 case study to help guide participants through the process. The webinar will close with response and discussion on questions posed by participants during the presentations.


- Introduction
- Business Case Methodology Overview
- Hypothetical Case Study & User Needs Assessment
- State-of-the-Art (SOTA) Analysis
- First Assessment: Needs vs. SOTA
- Identifying the Highest-Value Solution
- Estimating the Value of the "Best" Solution
- Conclusions Going Forward


Stephan Corvers
Founder & CEO

Dr Anne Rainville
Senior Procurement Consultant

Francesco Porpiglia MSc
Economic Procurement Advisor