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Our Webinars

Welcome to our Webinar page. Here you can find our planned webinars as well as replays of our previous webinars. Want to stay informed on upcoming webinars? Fill in the contact form below and we will keep you up-to-date.


February 4th 2021: Het Waterschapshuis: Strategic Partnership for Cloud Technology 

February 10th 2021: Innovation procurement: the CEO's perpective


EAFIP Webinar - Opportunities to tackle the COVID-19 Crisis through Innovation Procurement.

Corvers Chair Webinar - Consultas del Mercado y Compra Pública de Innovación en crisis COVID-19.

Corvers and Vtrek Webinar - Covid-19 & innovation procurement: Applying the EAFIP business case methodology.

Want to stay informed on our upcoming webinars?