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UniZar celebrates 3rd ceremony of recognition of chairs

4 March 2020

The University of Zaragoza celebrated the third ceremony of recognition of institutional and business chairs. The University of Zaragoza is the first Spanish university for this type of agreement with 72 chairs, whose number has been growing since the 17 existing at the end of 2007. The chairs cover all branches of knowledge. In the last year UniZar carried out an internationalization process, having signed agreements with entities based in the United States, the Netherlands and the People's Republic of China.

The acting Rector of the University of Zaragoza, the Vice President of the Government of Aragon, the General Director of the Family Enterprise Institute and the acting Vice Chancellor for Technology Transfer and Innovation department participated in the ceremony.

Prof. Dr. Carmen de Guerrero Manso, co-director to the Corvers Chair, received the official Diploma.

Institutional and business chairs are strategic unions between the University and a company or institution, where both parties benefit from the results of research, development and innovation that are jointly developed. The chairs carry out various activities such as research, development and innovation; the holding of scientific and dissemination meetings; support for official or university studies; the awarding of prizes; the support for the realization of doctoral, bachelor’s and master's theses; student practices; etc.

We, the Corvers Chair on Innovation Procurement, are one of the chairs created since the last act of recognition. The Corvers Chair is the first chair created together with a Dutch company and thus the first chair created with a European company that does not have any Spanish locations.