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PREVENT creates PCP brochure

PREVENT creates PCP brochure

11 March 2020

Corvers is consortium partner within PREVENT, a project funded by the European Commission on security in public transport kicked off on May 1st 2019. Corvers supports the project partners from a legal and economic perspective throughout the whole project, pulling from their extensive expertise on innovation procurement.

The PREVENT consortium created a PREVENT PCP Brochure aimed to give more elaborate information on the PREVENT PCP to current potential public buyers. In the brochure Pre-Commercial Procurment (PCP) is explained in a simple and comprehensible manner. 

Are you an actor in public transport and do you aim to optimise your R&D
spending regarding public security and the prevention of terrorist attacks? Do not hesitate any longer and join us in the PREVENT project! Learn more about this opportunity in the brochure.


Project website: PREVENT