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May we introduce to you - new team member from August

May we introduce to you - new team member from August

1 August 2019

We would like to introduce you to Ana Isabel Peiró Baquedano. She will be joining our international team from 1 August. Anabel (as she calls herself) is originally from Spain.

In recent years, she has been working as a researcher and PhD candidate in administrative law at the University of Zaragoza. She holds a bachelor's degree in law and a bachelor's degree in business administration and has successfully defended her PhD research "The new Directive on Concessions: The distribution of risks" end of June 2019 and has thus been promoted to Dr in Administrative Law.

Anabel has extensive research experience at various universities in Europe (including Milan, Trento, Munich and Münster) and was involved as a researcher in the European Water PiPP project, a project under the European FP7 program on Innovation Oriented Public Procurement (IOPP) in the water sector.

She was a member of the Technical Assistance on Public Procurement of Innovation research team funded by the Aragón´s Health Institute and is a collaborator of the Spanish Public Procurement Observatory. Anabel speaks no fewer than 5 languages ​​and has an already quite impressive list of publications to her name.

With the arrival of Anabel, Corvers hopes to be able to better meet the growing demand from contracting authorities throughout Europe who turn to Corvers to support them in innovation procurement. With her background in both law and public administration, Anabel can build a perfect bridge between the legal and economic advice that Corvers often gives in many projects in collaboration with its sister company Vtrek.