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Dr. Ramona Apostol participates at African Public Procurement Network General Assembly

Dr. Ramona Apostol participates at African Public Procurement Network General Assembly

20 November 2019

Dr. Ramona Apostol, Senior Researcher at Corvers participated in the high level meeting of the general assembly of the African Public Procurement Network (APPN) in Dakar, Senegal, from November 14-17. The main purpose of the Network is to provide a platform to public procurement policy makers, regulators and practitioners for learning and networking. 

This was the first APPN General Assembly and was aimed at achieving its overarching goal of providing the heads of public procurement and other key stakeholders of the APPN member countries a platform of learning and networking.

During the last decades, the APPN member countries have made good progress in developing their public procurement systems, but they are at different levels in regard to the legal and regulatory framework, including procedures and practices related to PPP, electronic Government Procurement (e-GP), professionalization of public procurement and capacity building, and sustainable procurement. With a view to sharing successful experiences, the Executive Committee of the APPN decided that the theme of the General Assembly in Dakar was “Innovative Approaches to Public Procurement “.


Dr. Ramona Apostol spoke on different occasions at the general assembly. She participated alongside Hunt La Cascia, Senior Procurement Specialist (e-GP) at The World Bank, as a discussant in a panel on ‘Disruptive technologies and their impact on public procurement’. The moderator of the panel was Hiba Tahboub, Procurement Practice Manager at the World Bank and the speaker was Mr. Faruque Hossain, former head of public procurement and currently Executive Director at the National Skills Development Authority in Bangladesh.

In the panel discussion on ‘Use of innovative procurement tools to improve public procurement performance’ Dr. Ramona Apostol participated as a speaker. The discussion revolved around how artificial intelligence could transform procurement, electronic procurement; Framework Agreements, and use of data for performance measurement; open contract data.

Furthermore Dr. Ramona Apostol spoke about Sustainable procurement in the capacity of Research Fellow at Maastricht School of Management and Chair of Innovation Procurement in The Netherlands.