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Corvers consortium partner within new EC-funded project on security in public transport

Corvers consortium partner within new EC-funded project on security in public transport

9 July 2019

A new project funded by the European Commission on security in public transport kicked off on May 1st 2019. The project is called PREVENT (PRocurEments of innoVativE, advaNced systems to support security in public Transport) and has been awarded €1.89 million in EC funding.

PREVENT focuses on pre-empting attacks in public transport by:

  • Enabling earlier detection of terrorists activities and potentially dangerous objects;
  • Tracking of detected individuals or potentially dangerous situations; and
  • Coordinating the response of security forces.

PREVENT aims to:PREVENT_logo-site.png

  • Analyse the existing processes and practices in public transport infrastructures (existing technologies, legal regulation, etc.);
  • Analyse and assess the threats and the vulnerabilities;
  • Build the scenarios through use cases highlighting the gaps between the existing and what would be needed;
  • Analyse the technologies in order to address the process and solutions gaps;
  • Analyse the data protection, legal and economic aspects of the technologies;
  • Determine the overall need and prioritise it, to prepare one Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP).

Corvers (together with sister organisation Vtrek as Linked Third Party) is consortium partner within PREVENT. Corvers and Vtrek will support the project partners from a legal and economic perspective throughout the whole project, pulling from their extensive expertise on innovation procurement.
The consortium consists of 16 Partners, 8 Countries, 9 Practitioners (public transport operators and law enforcement), and 5 Public Buyers. 


The project will run over 15 months, and is coordinated by ENGINEERING - INGEGNERIA INFORMATICA SPA. For more information, visit the PREVENT project website