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Artificial Intelligence Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg - Pre-Commercial Procurement

Artificial Intelligence Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg - Pre-Commercial Procurement

8 October 2019

On Friday the 4th of October mr. Stephan Corvers, Corvers Procurement Services, together with ir. Katinka van Aert and drs. ing. Léon Verhaegen, Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg, presented the open market consultation on Artificial Intelligence, the ground breaking innovation procurement project in the Dutch water sector, supported by the Eafip-initiative.

The open market consultation is part of the PCP procedure. PCP is a public procurement of Research and Development (R&D) services. The open market consultation shed some light on the EU Survey Questions that were asked to the market to gain more knowledge on the current market conditions.

Please find here the link to the EAFIP call for assistance to be disseminated. 

Technology vendors based in the Netherlands, Germany and other European countries and even American based companies attended the Open Market Consultation. Technology vendors active in the (international) water sector, AI-sector and other sectors showed high interest to participate in the upcoming PCP and to form PCP oriented consortia.

mr. Stephan Corvers

The WBL Artificial Intelligence PCP is one of the 5 projects that have been selected under the scope of the EAFIP (2019-2020) initiative of the European Commission. The WBL project is combining and integrating standard procurement & PCP for the first time in Europe. They are a forerunner in innovation procurement. WBL creates with their program a unique bridge between the R&D-phase and the deployment-phase.

The European Assistance For Innovation Procurement is an initiative financed by the European Commission for providing local assistance to public procurers for starting new innovation procurement and for promoting good practices and reinforcing the evidence base on completed innovation procurements.

Eafip is implemented by a consortium of experts led by Corvers Procurement Services that was awarded the Eafip-initiative public procurement contract for 2019-2020 by DG CNECT.

The 3rd EAFIP call for assistance is open till the 13th of December 2019. You can find more information on the EAFIP website.