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The sky has no limit - Technology Base (The Netherlands) announces its strong commitment to implement innovation procurement to stimulate innovation and create an iconic test bed area

6 February 2019

The sky has no limit for Technology Base (The Netherlands). They aim to create an iconic test bed area and call in the support of Corvers and our sister company Vtrek to realise their ambitions through innovation procurement.

Project office Technology Base, responsible for the development of a leading regional test bed situated in Twente, The NethFoto_signing-agreement-TB-Corvers.jpgerlands, announces its long year commitment to implement innovation procurement strategies & methodologies into its test based area. Corvers (specialized in innovation procurement) together with sister company Vtrek (leading economic procurement consultancy firm specialized in innovation) will assist them. The parties signed a cooperation agreement on innovation procurement on February 1st. 

First project at hand will be the Mobility Challenge which aims to further unlock the area and make the test bed more easily accessible. For this Vtrek will start with a prior art analysis to establish the current state of art regarding innovative and flexible mobility solutions.

Cees Timmer, CEO of Project Office Technology Base, states:
“Our motto is ‘Beyond the impossible’. Technology Base is the place for innovative companies that want to push the boundaries in order to create new solutions. Our ambition is to use innovation procurement so we can implement innovations to create an iconic area that optimally meets the needs and wishes of the users. In addition, Technology Base as the launching customer of innovations can ensure that the business community dares to take risks when developing new products or system solutions. In doing so, the government can enable companies to quickly reach higher sales volumes so that the companies can lower their cost price and then compete in a competitive world market.” 

Stephan Corvers adds:
“It is a honour and a privilege to join and support Technology Base as a leading & European forerunner on the implementation of innovation procurement strategies & methodologies in test beds. The cooperation agreement sets the boundaries for both Technology Base and Corvers to speed up and deepen the mutual knowledge base on innovation procurement practices and to widen the experience on beyond-state-of-the-art technology based solutions with a pan-European outreach. The cooperation agreement underlines Corvers’ leading role in innovation procurement in Europe.”