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Corvers Chair on Innovation Procurement

The University of Zaragoza (Spain) and Corvers Commercial & Legal Affairs (The Netherlands) established the Corvers Chair on Innovation Procurement at the University of Zaragoza. The Chair is committed to provide best-in-class knowledge transfer activities and as such it will conduct research and provide lectures and training on innovation procurement.

After the initial success at the Maastricht School of Management (MSM) from 2016-2019, the Corvers Chair is transferred to Zaragoza. The Corvers Chair at MSM focussed mainly on the economic aspects of innovation procurement. From January, 1st, 2020 the Corvers Chair is enhancing its approach to the exploration of the legal and economic aspects and the understanding of the interrelated aspects thereof. 

The Corvers Chair on Innovation Procurement acts as leading European academic and applied research expert hub and educational group on Innovation procurement, in order to structurally improve the efficiency and effectiveness of European contracting authorities in a sustainable and corporate social responsible manner. The Corvers Chair will build upon the increased awareness that both public procurement and innovation are two fundamental drivers for growth and development in Europe. The Chair will generally build capacity on innovation procurement, aiming also to link Europe and emerging economies through the networks of both partners.

The Corvers Chair at UniZar shall analyse and build upon best practices and lessons learned both from Member States level as well as European perspective on innovation procurement.  The Corvers Chair shall enhance its academic network throughout Europe by taking the leadership in knowledge transfer on Innovation procurement. This pan-European approach is visible within the Corvers Chair itself, by the network of professors from Spain and Italy and the research fellows from the Netherlands, Italy, Romania, Canada and South-America.

The close and unique cooperation between Corvers Commercial & Legal Affairs and the University of Zaragoza ensures and enriches the academic knowledge transfer with state-of-the-art input from a practitioners’ perspective.


Marleen Corvers, Antonio Peiró Arroyo, Alberto Gil Costa, Ana Lucia Jaramillo, Stephan Corvers, Pilar Zaragoza Fernández, Pedro-José Bueso Guillen, Carmen de Guerrero Manso, Miguel Ángel Bernal.