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PhD Candidate / Junior IPR

We are seeking a talented and motivated candidate with a strong background in intellectual property law to fulfill a joint research/commercial position. The successful candidate should ideally have a legal background with a Master’s degree in either Law or Economics.

Research profile
The ideal candidate should have a good knowledge of the European intellectual property law system, including the European patent Convention, EU copyright law directives and regulations, and a good general understanding of the other IP rights (trademark, database rights).

In particular, the candidate should have knowledge or an interest in the use/generation of intellectual property under public contracts, such as via R&D contracts/subsidies, public procurement, pre-commercial procurement, the procurement of R&D, or public-private partnerships. Knowledge or interest in how contractual mechanisms can be used to maximize innovation outcomes and/or technology transfer of IP in the above scenarios is strongly preferred.

The successful candidate will be expected to write a PhD in the general area of the use/generation of IPR under public contracts, or other topics with strong relevance to the above.

Commercial profile
As the PhD position will be part-time in combination with a commercial appointment, candidates should also ideally have hands-on experience or good knowledge of drafting and negotiating IP-related contracts, such as licenses and development agreements. Strongly motivated individuals without such experience will also be considered.

Other core competences of the ideal candidate include:
• Understanding or interest in open source software licenses
• Knowledge of the workings of standardization organizations, eg. ETSI
• Some knowledge of European data protection law
• Drafting of legal documents for webshops and webapps, including terms of service and privacy policies

Interested candidates are encouraged to send their CVs along with a letter of motivation to