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Dr. Ramona Apostol  LL.M.

Dr. Ramona Apostol LL.M.

Ramona Apostol is Honorary Research Fellow at Corvers’ Chair of Innovation Procurement at Maastricht School of Management. As research fellow, she publishes and lectures on topics such as intellectual property rights, open data or innovation in the framework of public procurement. Dr. Apostol is also senior advisor at Corvers Procurement Services. In this role, she councils European agencies and contracting authorities on the deployment of complex, cross-border or joint procurements focused on innovative solutions or R&D. In addition, as appointed independent expert, she regularly assists the European Commission in the implementation and design of policies and in the evaluation of proposals and monitoring of funded projects. Dr. Apostol previously received her doctorate from the e-Law department of the University of Leiden and followed several specialization courses in the US and the Netherlands on European and World Bank procurement.