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Our Team

The international team of Corvers is a team of driven experts each with their own expertise areas and strengths.

Our team consists of people with different backgrounds, nationalities and personalities. This combination makes it a strong team who will always collaborate to find ways to bundle each other’s strengths to the benefit of the customer. What they all have in common is that they are all passionate about the legal and economic profession.

Corvers consultants are regular speakers at international conferences, successfully combining a PhD-level academic background with industry-related expertise.
Several Corvers employees are independent experts of the United Nation’s initiative on Sustainable Public Procurement (UNEP) and of the European Commission.

Our Experts

Of Counsels

Corvers works with several of counsels. Through our of counsels we can assure sufficient capacity in high demand periods, the highest quality in our services as well as complementary services to our customers.

Corvers Chair on Innovation Procurement

The close and unique cooperation between Corvers Commercial & Legal Affairs and the University of Zaragoza ensures and enriches the academic knowledge transfer with state-of-the-art input from a practitioners’ perspective.

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