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Our partners

Corvers has strengthened its position on the European market as the key expert on European public procurement law, innovation, IPR and contracting. This has allowed us to build collaborations, partnerships and strategic alliances with some of the most prominent players on the market. Our international partners include key consulting companies such as ZENIT GmbH, world class research institutions and top European universities such as the University of Zaragoza.

Following the new possibilities to boost innovation created by the EU framework program Horizon 2020, Corvers and its strategic European partners join forces towards changing the traditional procurement practice. They aim to combine efforts and expertise in order to support both the public and the private sector to come to an effective implementation of innovative procurements.

For national clients Corvers has a strategic alliance with Bartels Sueters Rassa Aanbestedingsadvocaten.

On national and international projects Corvers works closely with the following partner:

Vtrek - Empowering economic procurementVtrek-Logo_DEF_subtitles_small.png

Vtrek helps procurers design, conduct, and learn from their public procurements for better results and higher returns. Taking a systems perspective, Vtrek identifies opportunities to create or enhance value along the procurement life cycle, determine the best ways to accomplish this, and provide recommendations for implementation. Their approach is outcome-driven, where cost savings and service efficiency translate to intensified market impacts in innovation and sustainability.