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Our history

Corvers was founded in 2000 by Stephan Corvers - owner and CEO.
The company started working purely for the contracting authorities of the Dutch government, assisting them several large and complex ICT-procurement projects. The commercial background of Stephan Corvers proved an added value and soon the number of assignments grew and the company expanded. Nowadays Corvers employs a team of highly motivated and driven professionals.

Stephan Corvers

The legal researchers, advisors and consultants of Corvers daily support and assist contracting authorities and organisations regarding the legal aspects of procurement issues, procurement projects and contract management. 

Our mission

We aim to be a leading legal expert in Europe in the area of procurement, innovation and contracting.

We aspire to deliver a meaningful contribution to social and environmental issues. Our aim is to support our customers in achieving the highest possible expedience and in doing so contributing to the efficient and sustainable use of resources.