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European assistance for innovation procurement

Corvers together with Stella Consulting was awarded a contract by the European Commission (DG Connect) to provide promotion, training and local assistance to public procurers and policy makers that are interested to implement innovation procurements of ICT based solutions across the EU Member States.

The initiative European Assistance for Innovation Procurement (EAFIP) started beginning of 2015.

Until the beginning of 2018 Corvers and Stella will join forces in order to realise the following key components of the initiative:

  • During the course of the project, 12 events in different EU countries will provide info and training on innovation procurement.
  • A Toolkit is being developed to assist policy makers, public procurers and legal services in how to support, design and implement innovation procurements (PCP and PPI procurement procedures). At this moment Module 1 of the Toolkit is available on the eafip website. The other modules, Modules 2 and 3 will be available shortly. 
  • Training (based on the Toolkit) on why and how to implement PCP and PPI is given through several workshops throughout Europe. A helpdesk posts replies to FAQs online.
  • Local assistance focuses on public procurers that want to start a PCP or PPI procurement for ICT based solutions at national level. It includes legal assistance in the start-up and implementation phase of a PCP or PPI. The target is to kick-start 6 new PCP and 6 new PPI procurements.

Visit the eafip website for more information

Currently the consortium is finalising the toolkit and gathering information to identify key procurers across different sectors of public interest with a potential interest in buying the development and/or deployment of innovative ICT based solutions in the coming years. After the summer of 2015 the consortium started with the first events and workshops. Visit the eafip website for more information on the upcoming events and workshops. 

Interested to actively receive information on this project and its events,  to possibly attend a workshop or conference and/or to benefit from this European assistance on innovation procurement? Get in touch with the eafip team and/or let us know.

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Innovation procurement workshop for procurers in the fields of education, recreation, culture and religion

17 May 2017 - Berlin, Germay
The workshop will be held at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in Berlin. The aim of the event will be to highlight the benefits of innovation procurement of ICT solutions through the Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) and Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI) approaches across Europe, with a particular focus on the above mentioned sectors.
Program and registration

2016 Annual EU Innovation Procurement Event

18 -19 October 2016 -  Athens, Greece

Learn about new innovation procurement initiatives in Member States, have the use of the eafip Toolkit explained and network with other stakeholders about new EU funding and EU assistance for innovation procurement.
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Innovation procurement workshop       

31 May 2016 - Barcelona, Spain

Learn more about innovation procurement in this workshop specifically targeting public procurement authorities in general public services like public administration, and  economic and financial affairs (ministries, regional and local authorities, public utility companies, etc.). A special focus will be on eGovernment solutions.
Program and registration

Innovation procurement workshop for the security sector

9 June 2016 - Riga, Latvia

Need some training or assistance on how to use innovation procurement in the security/defence/law enforcement sector? Attend the security workshop organised by the European Assistance for Innovation Procurement initiative (eafip).
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